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May God Bless!!




What's New!!


Smoked- Stuffed Pork Loin



Welcome to

The Home of Val's Donkeys and the Two Big Guys



Happy Father's Day!!!




Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms.

Want to learn more about mushrooms/  We did so we took a few of Mike's Classes' and Look what we find..   For more information, (Click Here)
Val and I would like to thank Mike (the Gentleman Forager) for all his classes in the past and the employees at the Milaca Liquor  Store for their gift of this Great Mushroom Basket..  When you are on your way to the lake, stop in at the off sale and check out their good deals and the samples. 



Val with our first Chicken find of the year 2015..  We ended up taking two and leaving two for the others but they never did find them.. 




Don't Forget Onamia Days!! 

June 11 - June 14th



To the Love of My Life


(I found her on eBay)


Meadow Muffin Farms would like to say...   Thank You to Allen

Read the full story here....  Friends Forever..


  Glad you stopped by! 


We've always wanted to do a web site so people could see our donkeys, horses, gardens and vintage telephones, and we finally got around to doing one. We hope you enjoy our little web site as much as we enjoyed putting it together.
Being from NJ, I had quite a few dogs as pets, so in 2001 when I moved here to Minnesota, I fell in love with John's two little friends. It wasn't long before I had the pleasure of finding a third little guy in our pasture. That was it! It was Love at First Sight!! Long ears, dust cloud and all... Ya Just Gott'a Love them Little Guys!!


Our Pasture Pals


Hawthorne The Stud Muffin RIP
Sassafras        Sassy  RIP
Scruffie Scruffins  RIP
Cubby Cubby                                Cubster       
Nutmeg Rolling Thunder  RIP
Casey Painted Pony
Val's Keister  
Val's Fanny  
Nellie Another little Girl 2011
Baby Donkey   #1 Another little Boy 2014

Baby Donkey #2

Another little Boy 2014







And...   A Dog Named Boo!



Listen to the Big Stud


Muffin Land

Where Things Keep Piling Up


Guy Stuff

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We hope you enjoy our little place as much as we enjoyed making this site.

To Our Family, Friends and Relations...

We Wish You the Best

May God Bless!!

John & Val


Good News!!   


Last spring we took two mushroom  classes with our son and granddaughter. The classes were given by 'Mushroom Mike' and it turned out to be one of the best things we ever did.  As time permits, I'll be posting some of our finds. 

Gott'a thank Mushroom Mike for sure.  His classes were enjoyable yet very informative.  For more information on Mushroom Mike and his classes, Click Here...  >    Mushroom Mike

America  Love it or Leave

If not for Our Vets and Our Troops

You might not be reading this right now


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